Some people hate baths. 
That's not a question, but it is true. Also many people don't have bathtubs around them. I went through several rounds of "maybe it should be encounters-with-water" but nah, it should definitely be baths, because I want to see if we can scale up an intimate architecture to the space of the whole city and its relationship with the global environment, and because one of my earliest memories is a bath, and the way I reset my life is a bath...and this is an art project so I get to follow that heart. 

But is it therapy?
It is not therapy. I am not licensed or qualified for that, it is an art project. And I'm asking yall to populate it with your imagination, so I guess if you can imagine your own healing and I'm helping make the event for it, that's cool- but I'm making no claims that this will be healing. I do think it add some new elements to a void in the city, having a unique way of imagining around a collective disaster, using our senses to unclench our senses from rain = cringe, but for now we just begin to play. 

What will you do with the questionnaire answers?
These will be used to determine which 11 baths will be created. They will also be put in my head as part of my ongoing research on “Survival Creativity” or how the imagination makes a way out of no way. If these are to be used in any other capacity (like if I give an artist talk or if someone needs help imagining and wants a previously submitted example) it will according to the preferences you indicate on the questionnaire.

When will we hear back?
The timeline page details all of this and will be updated if anything (life, storms) changes.

What is the criteria for how the baths will be chosen?
The 11 baths will be chosen based on:

  1. Juiciness of bath imagination

  2. 11 different points of view on the storm

  3. One bath for each of 11 city council districts (find yours here)

  4. Representation of Houston’s population 

More info on the casting criteria is available via email, we've though about it a lot.

Your survey is too much/not enough.
A note on methodology: This questionnaire went through lots of rounds of advice and edits, and it kept turning out some irreconcilable preferences, so no need to reduce to only one way- we’re attempting to make this accessible in a few ways. Just like with Hear Our Houston, some inputs come easily and some have to be sought out. After these forms have been live for a while we'll reach past the easy-come inputs and go out in person, spanning the digital divide and who may not stumble upon this art project easily, but whose input we really want included.

Can baths be imagined by more than one person (per bath)?
Yes! We plan on some of the baths being collectively imagined, probably in a design charrette with a neighborhood/elementary school class/senior citizen center...but that’s TBD depending on how the easy-come baths populate our casting criteria. If yall’d like to go ahead and propose one like this (co-imagined by more than one individual) then yes yes yes! Also coimagined with nonhuman animals/spirits/ethers is great too.

What is the design meeting?
We want each of the 11 baths to be uniquely imagined. The design meeting starts with the imagined bath as described by the imaginer, then we brainstorm, visualize, and detail each aspect of it so it can be created. We’ll work with the imaginers to be sure the right people have a seat at this table- maybe it’s your sweetie, your grandma, your neighbor, an architect, a dj, a super sensitive smeller, a drywall contractor, and/or a water table expert- it depends on the bath, but this meeting aims to take your made up bath into a design blueprint that can be made real!

So like, what will the bathtub be like and where?
Right now the idea is one large bathtub within a very modular space (moveable walls, electric grid outfitted for flexibility with light, audio, projection, and A/C heat & humidity controllable). So that the space is configurable for each of the 11 baths, but I can stay within the very modest budget and pay people equitably. In an ideal world, I’d love the baths to be site specific within each city council district (astrodome bath, yall? On a freeway overpass? Floating down the bayou? In a strip mall on the SW side?) but I only have 15k, so need to rein in. 

Wait, will people be able to take the baths?
I so hope so!! The answer to this is also budget. I’d love the baths to be takeable by members of the public and not just the imaginers. It depends on the nature of the imagined baths and public interest in the project, which I anticipate to be great, but it would be premature to guarantee this before I know what exactly (in terms of imagined baths) are in Houstonian’s minds.

Um, my question is not on here.
Send it over & I'll try to answer. If we get it frequently it will appear on this page. 

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